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Will I Save Money Using Biofuel?

By: Sally Aquire - Updated: 26 Dec 2012 | comments*Discuss
Will I Save Money Using Biofuel?

If you are on a motoring budget, you might be wondering if you can save money by running your car on biofuel. It is produced from carbon sources that are easy to keep on renewing, such as plants. E10 fuel is the most commonly used biofuel in the UK.

It is made from a combination of 10 per cent ethanol (alcohol) and 90 per cent petroleum. Other types of biofuel available in the UK include E15 fuel (15 per cent ethanol and 85 per cent petroleum), E20 fuel (20 per cent ethanol and 80 per cent petroleum), E85 fuel (85 per cent ethanol and 15 per cent petroleum), E95 fuel (95 per cent ethanol and 5 per cent petroleum) and E100 fuel (which is almost entirely made from ethanol with a small amount of water added in).

Biofuel is often seen as preferable to petrol and diesel, as it has lower carbon fuel emissions. Biofuel is seen by many as the long-term successor to petrol and diesel as it is more sustainable and can be renewed more easily. This article offers advice on whether using biofuel to power your car will allow those on a motoring budget to save money in the long term.

Which Cars Can Use Biofuel?

Biofuel is not a universal fuel option, but it can be used in cars that have a diesel engine (and are therefore currently running on diesel fuel). Volkswagen, SEAT, Audi and Skoda are a few of the car manufacturers who have approved their diesel engines to run completely on biofuel, but there is still concern regarding the feasibility of using biofuel in the diesel engines of cars made by other manufacturers. Because of this, many motoring experts suggest that you combine biofuels with diesel fuel, which is why many petrol stations are currently offering a mix of 5 per cent biofuel and 95 per cent petroleum.

Can Biofuels Save Me Money?

One of the main advantages of biofuel is its ability to save you money. Because your car will have lower carbon fuel emissions, your road tax (which currently depends on how high your fuel emissions are) is also lower. As biofuels become more readily available at petrol stations, they are expected to be a cheaper alternative to petrol and diesel.

Current fuel costs mean that those on a motoring budget are constantly looking to save money when it comes to filling up their car. Biofuel is becoming an increasingly popular fuel option as a result of its greener qualities. However, not all cars are designed to use biofuel, and it is really only suitable for cars with diesel engines. If this applies to your car, using biofuel can save you money on things that relate to your car's carbon fuel emissions, such as road tax and company car tax. The downside of biofuels is that they are not yet as widely available as petrol or diesel, but in the future they are expected to be a much less expensive fuel source for your car.

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