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Save Thousands by Going Green

By: Garry Crystal - Updated: 9 Oct 2012 | comments*Discuss
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Going green and becoming fuel efficient can save motorists a huge amount of money every year. With fuel prices steadily rising there has never been a better time to be aware of fuel efficiency driving methods.

The Advantages of Going Green

Going green when driving doesn’t mean forking out for a new hybrid car. Going green or becoming environmentally friendly simple means becoming aware of fuel efficient methods that can save on fuel and money. Environmentally friendly driving can also save on vehicle wear and tear and can help to cut down on road accidents. There are a number of different methods that can easily be used to become more fuel efficient when driving. Once these methods have been learnt they can quickly become second nature and save motorists thousands over the long term.

Drive More Efficiently With a Lighter Fuel Tank

The more fuel that is in a tank the less fuel efficient a car will be. The heavier the car the more fuel will be burnt and a full tank of fuel does add weight to a car. Putting less fuel in a car and taking the time to refuel more frequently can actually be fuel efficient and save money. Fuel tanks should be between half and three quarters full for maximum fuel efficiency. Always look out for the best fuel prices by comparing suppliers at comparison websites such as Petrol prices.

Make Sure Tyres are Properly Pressurised

Properly inflated tyres do make a significant difference when it comes to fuel efficiency. Tyres that are properly pressurised can also extend the running life of the tyres. Having properly inflated tyres is more environmentally friendly as fuel efficiency leads to less Co2 emissions. Properly inflated tyres will also suffer less from wear and tear, stop tyres overheating and help to maintain safe road handling. Tyre pressure should be checked at least every two weeks; there are garages where this can be done free of charge.

Investing in a Diesel Fuelled Car

Diesel fuel is more efficient and environmentally friendly than petrol. Although diesel vehicles were initially a few thousand pounds more expensive than petrol vehicles this premium has now been drastically reduced. Drivers who do undertake a lot of miles each year can make significant savings using diesel instead of petrol. Drivers who buy new diesel cars can also escape paying the new government Showroom Tax, which can be as much as £500 for the first year.

Cut Speed to Increase Fuel Efficiency

Drivers who reduce their speed limits can be more fuel efficient. Driving at 56 miles per hour as opposed to 70 mph on motorways does actually use 25% less fuel. Closing windows and sunroofs will also make cars more aerodynamic and more fuel efficient. Remember to turn off engines instead of letting them idle when stopping for an amount of time. Beware of turning engines on and off repeatedly because this can decrease the battery life.

Invest in a Satellite Navigation System

Satellite navigation systems are the best way to find the quickest route between two points and therefore are winners when it comes to conserving fuel. Sat Navs will definitely make a difference when it comes to decreasing fuel consumption on long journeys. Drivers can also increase their fuel efficiency by avoid congested areas especially at peak driving times. Frequently having to start and stop does increase the amount of fuel used. Try to plan ahead when it comes to journeys and always avoid traffic heavy areas if possible.

Fuel Efficient Driving Tips

There are a number of scientifically proven fuel efficient driving practices. Fuel efficiency can be improved by:

  • Shutting off air conditioning can save as much as £100 per year
  • Fuel consumption will be lowered by changing gears when revs are high
  • Make sure cars are not overloaded and remove items that increase wind resistance factors such as roof racks
  • Avoiding letting a car warm up for long periods of time
  • Revving an engine constantly will waste fuel
  • Keeping windows closed when driving along motorways will reduce wind resistance and increase fuel efficiency
  • Regular services are financially viable and are the best way to keep a vehicle running efficiently
Cars can be extremely expensive to run and maintain over the course of a year, and can be a big chunk out of any household budget. Energy efficient driving methods will help to decrease the amount spent on fuel and will make fuel last longer. Becoming environmentally friendly is good news for the planet and good news for motoring expenses.

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