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FAQ: Fuel Efficiency With Cyber Tyres

By: Garry Crystal - Updated: 4 Apr 2013 | comments*Discuss
Cyber Tyres Intelligent Pirelli Eco

A new breed of intelligent tyres is expected to hit the UK market by as early as the end of 2010. Talking tyres or cyber tyres are designed to extend tyre life and be an eco friendly alternative to today’s tyres.

What Are Cyber Tyres?

Cyber tyres are an innovation that according to their makers will be the starting point of an automobile revolution. The tyres are designed to allow the driver to know when they need attention. The intelligent tyre will help reduce fuel consumption and will also extend the life of the tyre. Sensors in the tyre will be able to monitor road conditions and constantly update the driver via reports through the car’s electronic system.

How Can A Tyre Update a Driver Via Reports?

Wi-Fi technology will be used to transmit information from the tyres to the driver. A tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) will be fitted to the inside of the tyre. At the moment tyre pressure monitoring systems that are implemented are fitted to the tyre valve or outer rim. The TPMS systems that already exist have proved to be efficient in terms of fuel consumption and safety. But this new technology will permit drivers to obtain a more accurate analysis on their vehicle’s tyres.

What Information Can the Cyber Tyres Give?

Tyre information using the new cyber tyres can include information on the tyre’s tread depth and tyre pressure. This information along with data on the tyre’s temperature, road conditions and amount of grip available will also be available to the driver. The amount of information available to the driver through the intelligent tyre is far more detailed than has been previously available.

How Do Tyre Inflation Levels Affect a Car?

If a tyre is under inflated by 15% the tyre life can be reduced by 15% while a 20% under inflated tyre will reduce the tyre’s lifespan by 25%. Properly inflated tyres can boost the tyre’s lifespan and improve the car’s fuel efficiency. Tyres that are not properly inflated will also wear out quicker and need to be replaced more often. The cyber tyres will also be able to relay important safety information such as wet and slippery road conditions and tyre punctures.

Who Has Designed the Cyber Tyres?

The cyber tyres are a joint effort between the Italian tyre manufacturers Pirelli and Schrader Electronics, a company that develops tyre sensors. According to Pirelli, the cyber tyres are part of a series of innovative car developments that will be unveiled in the future. Pirelli is collaborating with a number of leading car innovators on future developments. These innovations will include materials that are eco friendly, use less oil based derivatives and therefore cut down on noxious substance emissions.

Aren’t Cyber Tyres Just a Way to Sell More Tyres?

Most drivers do not give their tyres too much thought until they have to pay out for new ones. But according to car experts the tyres are among the most important parts of the car. Most car owners do take their tyres for granted but having properly inflated tyres with adequate tread can make a huge difference to the tyre lifespan and fuel consumption (not to mention safety). Cyber tyres may cost a little more but the extra cost can be offset by efficient fuel consumption and savings on replacing tyres. In the end it will be up to the customer whether or not they purchase the cyber tyres.

Will Cyber Tyres Improve Safety on the Road?

Under inflated tyres do cause road accidents and it has been reported that 6% of road fatalities are caused by under inflated tyres. The cyber tyres will also be able to ensure better grip conditions when driving on dangerous curves and other tricky road surfaces. Cyber tyres may cost more, although prices have not yet been released, but the safety aspects may well be worth the price.

When Will the Cyber Tyres Be Unveiled?

The cyber tyres were unveiled at the 79th International Motor Show in Geneva in March 2009. Reports on when the cyber tyres will be on sale do vary. Early examples of the tyre, to be called Cyber Lean Tyres are expected to be available from the end of 2010. A full version of the cyber tyre is expected sometime during 2013.

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