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Driving Tips to Save 'Wear and Tear' on Your Car

By: Sally Aquire - Updated: 26 Dec 2012 | comments*Discuss
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Taking care to reduce wear and tear on your car can be difficult if you are on a motoring budget, but this doesn't need to be the case. Taking care of your car to avoid wear and tear can make your car last longer than would normally be the case, which is particularly beneficial given the current cost of a new car. There are several things that you can do to reduce wear and tear on your car even on a motoring budget, including making a few subtle alterations to your driving style.

Saving your Tyres

Keeping the correct tyre pressure is essential for safe braking and handling. The recommended tyre pressure for your particular car can usually be found in your owner's manual. Driving on tyres that are not correctly inflated can make this dangerous, as they will wear down quickly and puncture more easily. Keeping a check on tyre pressure once a month can prevent this. On the flip side, driving with tyres that are inflated too much can also cause braking and handling problems. In both cases, the car will not be using the full width of the tyre tread. Driving safely and carefully within the speed limit will reduce general wear and tear on your tyres.

You may also want to try rotating your tyres every six months to make sure that the tread wears evenly. The usual method of doing this is to swap the tyres diagonally, so that the right front tyre moves to the left back tyre, and the left front tyre moves to the right back tyre. It may be the case though that tyres can only be used on either the right or left side of the car, so it is best to check your owner's manual before doing this.

Oil Changes

Changing your engine oil and oil filter regularly is another key element of reducing wear and tear. As a general rule of thumb, changing your engine oil every 3000-6000 miles is recommended. Your owner's manual will clarify this though.

As well as checking the oil levels, make sure that you also keep an eye on the coolant fluid levels and the windscreen wiper fluid levels.

Air Filters

The air filter in your car needs to be changed around once a year to maintain its efficiency. You may need to look at your owner's manual to pinpoint exactly where it is located in your car.

Saving your Suspension

Sudden acceleration and braking can have a detrimental effect on your car's suspension. Driving aggressively on a regular basis will cause your car's suspension to wear down.

Saving your Engine

Instead of starting your engine and waiting until it has fully warmed up, it can be better to start it and drive off slowly (without putting too much pressure on the clutch or brake pedals) to warm the engine up. This is kinder to your engine.

Being restricted to a motoring budget does not mean that you cannot reduce plenty of wear and tear on your car. Taking the time to properly maintain your car can go a long way towards saving costs on repairs in the future. Long-term wear and tear can eventually cause your car's engine to fail.

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