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Beware of Car Scrapping Scams

By: Garry Crystal - Updated: 22 Dec 2020 | comments*Discuss
Car Scrapping Scams Authorised Treatment

Drivers who sell their cars for scrap could unwittingly be falling for a popular car scrapping scam. This car scrapping scam could result in fines being applied to victims of this scam.

Car Scrapping Scams in the UK

Car scrapping scams have been on the rise in the UK and victims have found themselves on the receiving end of fines of as much as £5000. These car scrapping scams can see innocent owner’s vehicles used for crimes or being sold to other drivers. Vehicles that were intended for scrap have been turned into ‘cut and shut’ vehicles without the knowledge of the previous owner. Scams such as these have been occurring when owners sell their cars to unlicensed scrap merchants. This kind of scam can have serious consequences not only for the original owner but for the buyers of these cut and shut death trap vehicles.

Car Owners can be Liable for Car Scrapping Scams

If an owner does sell their car and it is used in illegal activity the owner can be held liable. Many owners are under the impression that once they have sold the car for scrap that will be the end of the matter. But scanners who are using these vehicles illegally are well aware that the previous owners can be held liable. Scammers know that the car will be still registered in the previous owner’s name. This means that previous owners can find themselves with hefty fines under the rules of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

Staying Aware of the Car Scrap Scammers

Legitimate scrap merchants are businesses and as such will be able to show their licence. Car owners who are selling or sending their vehicles to be scrapped should ensure they receive a Certificate of Destruction. If the Certificate of Destruction has not been issued to the owner then this can mean that the owner is liable for certain types of illegal use in the future. Legitimate car scrapping merchants are easily found in telephone directories and on the internet. Many of these businesses also offer car recovery services, car storage and used and new car parts.

Don’t Fall For Car Scrap Scams

A common car scrap tactic has been used by garages on innocent customers looking to have their vehicles repaired. Customers have been told that their cars would cost more to repair than the car is actually worth. The garage owners will then offer to scrap the car free of charge. The garages will then undertake repairs and sell the car for a profit. This tactic is not actually illegal as mechanics may have put in many hours to repair the vehicle. But it can certainly lead to disgruntled customers who see their cars for sale after assuming their vehicles were beyond repair.

Selling a Car for Scrap Metal

In the past, most owners would have trouble receiving any money if their vehicles were not repairable. But now it may be possible to receive around £50 scrap value, even for a car that is a complete wreck. There is always the option to store the car and sell off working parts in order to make some cash. But buyers who are approached with too good to be true cash offers for their ‘beyond repair’ cars should be wary. This many seem like a good deal at the time but this is how the scammers work. Falling for some quick cash to get rid of a perceived wreck of a car can leave the owner liable if the car is used illegally.

Use an Authorised Treatment Facility

Authorised treatment facilities are safe and legal facilities for the scrapping of vehicles. These facilities comply with the standards laid out in the End of Life Vehicle (ELV) regulations. Authorised treatment facilities will issue Certificates of Destruction, which means that the vehicle will then be de-registered through the DVLA. A full list of authorised treatment facilities can be found at the Environment Agency government website.

Car scrapping scams can have serious consequences for many innocent victims. Illegal use of a vehicle that was intended for scrap is not uncommon in the UK. Many of these vehicles end up being driven on UK roads putting other drivers at harm. If a car is to be scrapped owners should use an authorised treatment facility or registered scrap merchants.

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It was really good article. keep sharing
car scrap check - 12-Oct-20 @ 11:14 AM
Using data from the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licencing Authority) for car scrap check and provide accurate information regarding car scrap. If you are in the market to buy a car, I recommend you opt for a car data check, so that you can avoid buying a stolen, clocked, written off or scrapped vehicle.There are many online portals for checking details. I personally recommend car analytics, it gives reasonable and best service.
brittneywood - 22-Sep-20 @ 9:45 AM
I've just bought a 2nd hand car from a dealer. I tried to tax it and the DVLA say the car should not exist. I've looked it up and it's registered as scrapped and has a Certificate of Destruction. I cannot tax it. Obviously it's not been scrapped because it's sat in my driveway, and it does have 6 months MOT left on it. Should the car dealer have checked this first? Is it possible for me to register it as not scrapped so I can tax it? Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me!
Nick - 15-May-20 @ 11:25 AM
I sold my car 5 6 months ago they told me not worth fixing he was scrapping it few days later I find it on site up for sale 800 pound he sold the car to someone but now I've been getting speeding tickets and fines through door because of this person I've called dvla a lot of times I've tried contacting the seller who bought my car he refusing to give me detail who been giving me fines I dont no what to do as i maybe getting points on my licence for something i have not got and man not giving me any information to me wondering if anyone got any advice
Gem - 16-Mar-19 @ 9:54 PM
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SNASJ - 12-Aug-18 @ 7:37 AM
I contacted a local scrapyard/breakers to get my car scrapped as it was not financially worth me repairing.When they came out to look at it they said it would be a free collection as it was not worth anything. I have the receipt to say that it was a free collection and have sent the transfer slip to the DVLA to say it had been given to them for scrapping. However - we've just seen the car being driven around!! Is that legal??????
MrsT - 17-Oct-16 @ 7:04 PM
Goodmorning i dont know if you can help my son buy a car at a garage before 7 days he tald theme he want to cancel it because they tald him they going to fix the car they apposibe to fix it.They said they send it in for (enjin) overall they finish it delivert the car at his work and myson tald them to wait and they drive away he is after them and then the and get proplemes with the enginhe drive home at night when finish working and what happend the wairing is under flames by the (enjin) what can he do about that.he wants hes money back.
meisie - 21-Feb-14 @ 7:05 AM
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